Before Breaker’s release tomorrow, I wanted to share a few thoughts.

The Ondine Quartet took up a little over four years of my life. I’ve lived with and dreamed about these characters and this world for almost 1500 days. I wrote through an international move, two close deaths in my family, through professional changes at my day job, and through my own physical recovery after what happened last year.

Breaker, in its first draft, was about 250,000 words (that’s 3 times the length of Whirl). I did pare it down in subsequent drafts, but it’s still an epic sized novel and the longest in the series.

Combined with the other books, I’ve published over 600,000 words and written over a million words (including previous drafts) in the Ondine Quartet.

Realizing I was no longer going to be working on this world hit me pretty hard. It’s as if I suddenly stopped seeing and talking to close friends I’d spent every day with for four years.

What floored me, though, was realizing I wasn’t alone in this. Some of you have already read the finale and begun to post your reviews. Others have sent such kind comments and messages about how much you’re waiting and looking forward to the end of Kendra’s story.

I just wanted to say how touched and grateful I am that you’ve loved these characters as much as I do. Kendra, Tristan, Julian, Jeeves, Nexa, Aubrey, Chloe and all of Haverleau couldn’t be luckier.

Thank you for accompanying Kendra on her journey.

I gave Breaker everything I had and hope it’s the epic finale both you and our heroine deserve. <3 Breaker_1day (1)


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