On My DeskArticles:

  • In Defense of Unlikable Women (Kameron Hurley)

    “We forgive our heroes even when they’re drunken, aimless brutes or flawed noir figures who smoke too much and can’t hold down a steady relationship. In truth, we both sympathize with and celebrate these heroes…But what we love about many male heroes – their complexity, their confidence, their occasional bouts of selfish whim –become, in female heroes, marks of the dreaded “unlikeable character.””

  • Where I’m At In My Head (Stephanie Perkins)

    “If your brain is being an asshole, tell it it’s being an asshole. And then get back to work.”


  • Lafcadio Hearn: Kwaidan
  • A re-read of one of my favorite childhood books. I read my first Stephen King book, Carrie, at age eight and it sparked an intense curiosity about the supernatural. I devoured the rest of King’s works (The Shining, in particular, left a profound impact on me both as a reader and writer) and I became obsessed with horror stories. My uncle in Japan heard about this from my mother and sent me this book as a gift for my ninth birthday.

    When I packed up my books for our upcoming move, I found it tucked away at the back of the shelf and couldn’t resist reading it again.


  • The Way, Way Back (Video trailer)

    I watched this a few weeks ago and enjoyed it tremendously. Fantastic cast, smart writing, and a wonderful coming-of-age story. Funny, tender, clever, and charming. Highly recommended.


  • Johnnyrandom | Bespoken (video)

    “Through music I want change the way that people perceive their surroundings, and I hope this will inspire others to look at everyday objects with more curiosity and wonder.”

    What he says about music resonated with some of the ideals I’d like to achieve through writing.

    You can listen to a sample of what he’s done with the bike here.


Have a great week, everyone – I’ll have an announcement about my first adult series on the blog tomorrow. 🙂

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