Happy Halloween, everyone – what a perfect day for this cover reveal!

Once again, I’m thrilled with what my designer, Michelle (Facebook | Website), has created. She perfectly captured the atmospheric mood of the story and the world of Brannigan City.

Lost Blood will be my next release after Breaker and is the first book of CHANCER, my new mature young adult urban fantasy. A blend of supernatural mystery and horror, the series features high-stakes action, a strong heroine, a variety of rich magic, and a slow-burn romance over the series arc much like the Ondine Quartet. The Chancer world, however, is very different from the elemental one and the journey Delaney and Liam embark upon is a heart-pounding adventure laced with intrigue, danger, and excitement.

The dark setting of Brannigan City features a diverse mythology and a world in which humans co-exist with monsters. Lost Blood will release in 2015.

Without further ado, here it is!



They are the Strange, those born of magic, myths, and legends. Beings who defy scientific explanation, whose physical and mental abilities far surpass the limitations of the human body.

When they first appeared, the world resisted, frightened by their powers. But after decades of bloodshed, humanity finally accepted that the Strange were here to stay.

A tenuous peace exists. For now.


Seventeen-year-old Delaney Corbeau is one of the Skilled. As a Chancer, she uses her magic to help humans find everything from misplaced keys and hidden heirlooms to lost pets.

She can find anyone and anything…except the two people she needs the most.

Liam Connelly is an Earth Shifter and son of Brannigan City’s Alpha. When his older brother goes missing, he must turn to his former childhood friend for help. Delaney’s the only person who can locate him.

The problem is they haven’t spoken in four years.

When a reclusive art collector hires Delaney to locate a stolen antique Japanese book, her path crosses with Liam once again. Soon, the simple retrieval job becomes something much more terrifying.

An old evil is stirring and it’s determined to punish every living being in Brannigan City, both Strange and human.

Delaney and Liam will have to work together if they want to survive.

Lost Blood is the first book in Emma Raveling’s new Chancer series, featuring two unlikely allies and a mysterious, thrilling adventure set in a dark world of monsters and magic.

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Here’s the full-size paperback cover:



Thank you to Giselle for arranging the cover reveal and to all the participating bloggers for sharing the cover.

Hope you guys love it as much as I do! 🙂

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