An update on where to find me online:

Facebook implemented changes at the beginning of this year that has made it harder to reach the majority of fans who’ve liked my page.

A very small percentage of you are currently able to see my updates in your news feeds and Facebook decides what posts to show you.

Like other authors, I’m here because so many of my readers are here and I want to provide you with an easy way to interact and get news/info.

But that’s getting harder to do and I can’t guarantee you’ll see my updates in your news feeds in any kind of timely/useful manner.

Tsu is a new site that seems like a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter. I just joined and have begun trying things out.



The site won’t randomly decide which posts to show my followers. So if you want to give it a shot, I’d love it if you could follow me there! I’m still figuring things out, but hopefully we can have a bit of fun while doing so.

The best way to never miss out on important announcements is by signing up for my newsletter. You’ll get exclusive extras (bonus scenes) and announcements before everyone else.

You can also still find me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

I love hearing from you guys so please feel free to say hi wherever you like. 🙂

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