A few updates:

  • A printed proof of Crest paperbacks arrived for approval but I caught a layout error that needs to be fixed. I know several readers are waiting for this format so I apologize for the delay. I hope to have everything worked out by early next week.

    If it makes you feel better, I’m planning a big Crest Release/ giveaway once that gets done. 🙂 I’m throwing in a bunch of fun prizes including new things I’m working on right now.

    Here’s a sneak peek:


    Be on the lookout for that some time near the end of the month.

  • I’m adding two features to this blog. The recent “Friday Reading” segment will continue every other week. It gives me a chance to recommend a book and also provides a space for my readers to share what they’ve been enjoying with others.

    The second bi-monthly feature, entitled “On My Desk”, will start tomorrow.

    My Pinterest and Tumblr make visual allusions to setting, characters, and overall mood of each book. But I thought it might be of interest to readers if I shared what my brain stews over as I work. “On My Desk” posts will be a list of links to a wide range of topics – news, sociology, music, art, fun tidbits, movies, television, food, research articles, mythology, literature, and philosophical ideas and essays.

    Basically, whatever is currently occupying my “mental desk” and providing grist for the writer’s mill.

    Hope your Tuesday is going great. 🙂

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