Something fun I’m working on for next week. More info posted here on Tuesday 🙂
ocean_nightHe’d lost weight, the ravages of grief and rage evident in the slash of his cheekbones and sharp line of his jaw. His hair had grown longer. Rain had drenched the mahogany locks, the wind whipping them into a wild, tousled tangle around his face.

Some might see the tightened mouth, haunted eyes, and harsh lines of his expression and call him cruel. A dark warrior, relentless in his revenge and rage. Others saw a hero, a prince and soldier mercilessly meting out justice for his people.

She saw neither.





Monday Snippet

snippetsNaNoWriMo is progressing well and I’m having so much fun writing ONDINE. 🙂 Thought it was time to share the first, small snippet from what I’m working on.

Usual notices apply: First draft, unedited, may be deleted, blah, blah, etc. Hope your Monday is going well – enjoy!


Rui’s icy voice reverberated through the afternoon air. “I need you to get the money from him.”

Weak rays of milky sunlight trickled across the concrete courtyard. The usual group of potheads occupied the narrow recess beside the stairs while the cheerleaders and athletes took the table farthest from the building door. They weren’t getting involved. Neither was the Student Council group gathered along the west side.

Heat from the wooden table seeped through my jeans and warmed the back of my legs. Troy’s fear raked against my insides and I focused on shutting it out.

Trust no one. Only be responsible for yourself.

I’d managed to follow her rules the entire four months we’d been in LA. The championship tournament was in two hours and she’d be seriously pissed if my performance wasn’t better than the last one.

I needed to concentrate on my own shit, not get involved in anyone else’s.

“I—I don’t know him that w-well…” Troy’s voice trembled.

“See, that’s kind of a problem.” Rui took another long drag of his cigarette. I had to hand it to him. He carried off the menacing look pretty well. “‘Cause your dad owes mine a lot of money.”

Empath reached inside, sensing clumps of frustration and rage, hardened over the years.

Guess Rui’s father took his displeasure out on anyone nearby, including his son.

“It’s just me and my mom,” Troy mumbled. “I don’t see him that often —“

I groaned inwardly. Mistake one.

“Often?” Rui’s voice rumbled with the dark glee of a predator who’d spotted its prey. “So you do see him.”

“” Troy’s eyes darted desperately around the courtyard.

Don’t, don’t…

Frightened eyes locked on to me. Great.

“What do you mean, no?”

“I m-m-mean…” He stumbled over the words. “S-sometimes I do, but…”

Mistake two.

“Then you can get the money from him, right?” Rui leaned forward and the simple move made Troy flinch as if it were a punch. “I don’t think your dad would like it if my father got his hands on you.”

Troy swallowed, his gaze flickering toward me again.

Sasha followed his line of sight. “You thinkin’ some chick’s gonna help you?”

Everybody except Rui and Troy laughed.

Damn it. And the day was going so well.

Rui slowly turned. Olive skin, black hair, and hard, sharp features gave a striking impression of cold danger that made him appear older than his eighteen years.

He flicked his cigarette and ash landed a foot away from me. “She’s not bad, Troy. Don’t think she’s your type, though.”

Might as well get this over with.

I stood. “You don’t know what my type is, Vergara.”

Genuine surprise crossed his expression. “You know my name. I’m flattered.”

“Don’t be.” I strode over and leaned against the metal railing with a bored expression. “Everyone knows you’re the asshole who has nothing better to do than go after freshmen.”

Sasha’s face twisted with anger and he stepped forward. “What did you say, you —“

Rui’s arm shot out and stopped him. “You’re a junior. Transferred here a few months ago. Kendra, right?”

He exhaled and a ring of smoke gently swirled around his face. Observant dark eyes studied me.

Empath sensed finely honed threads of wariness and curiosity. The way he immediately controlled his emotions set off my internal alarms.

I shouldn’t underestimate him.

Crest update, review copies, and a short excerpt

Crest is currently undergoing edits and revisions. If everything proceeds smoothly and there are no unexpected glitches, I hope to get it out on August 31st.

I’ve planned a few fun things for the month of August, including behind the scenes posts, character interviews, playlists, series read-a-long, and a trailer. I need a few more days to figure out scheduling and will post about it again later this week.

In other news, I’ve opened up requests for Crest review copies on my website. These are reserved for readers who will post reviews on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble/Goodreads/etc, once the book is released. These e-books are budgeted into the costs for every release so there are only a limited number of copies available.

You do NOT have to be a blogger to submit the form. Since this is the third installment, I’m assuming those of you who are interested have already read the previous books and are enjoying the series. If you’ve posted a review for any of the previous books, I encourage you to fill out the short form. Selected reviewers will receive their copy via email two to three days prior to the book’s public release.

You guys have been so great with your support 🙂 Here’s another short excerpt to tide you over:



A wiry selkie with short, light brown hair streaked across the floor. He blurred, his fist rocketing forward. The loud crack resounded against the wood floors.

His opponent dropped, arching his back as he fell and using the momentum to flip over. He landed light on his feet, arm lashing forward in a brutal blow that hammered the other selkie in the kidney.

“Cam,” I murmured. “Close your mouth.”

He snapped it shut. “Did you see what he just did?’

Another dazzling sequence of punches. A flying kick. There were no grunts of pain, no labored breathing or clumsy footwork. Only sharp, rhythmic whacks as unleashed feet and fists made precise contact.

“That was definitely a rib,” Alex said.

“There goes another one,” Ethan murmured.

A red-haired selkie agilely vaulted on to the wooden beam on the right. Perfectly balanced on one foot, he sprang up to the higher beam on the left. One effortless leap at a time, he fearlessly moved up to the beam near the ceiling, roughly three stories above ground.

No way.

He jumped.

At the last second, Dax seemed to sense the attack from above and shifted to the right. The selkie landed on the floor like a jungle cat, bent knees and arms absorbing the impact. He didn’t make a single sound.

It was a demonstration of both supreme power and extraordinary finesse. This wasn’t the kind of messy brawl you’d see in a bar or street fight. This was technique of the highest level.

The lines of their bodies emphasized the stark beauty of their movements. Power crackled off rolling muscles and supernatural reflexes.

Ewan once said Haverleau gardinels found our elite sessions boring. Now I knew why.

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