Ondine Release and Giveaway

ONDINE is here!

I can’t wait for you guys to read 16-year-old Kendra’s adventures in Los Angeles. The story takes place about a month before the prologue of Whirl and I had so much fun writing it. 🙂

I’m thrilled to share this free release with you.

Ondine“I shouldn’t get involved.”

Rebellious and headstrong, sixteen-year-old Kendra Irisavie doesn’t have much respect for authority. An ondine with the powerful gift of Virtue, she uses her tough attitude and Empath magic to navigate through high school and keep others away.

Because being an ondine also means keeping secrets.

Kendra and her mother are Rogue water elementals in the middle of an ancient war. They hide among humans, their survival constantly threatened by monstrous Aquidae demons.

Along with a rigorous training regimen to mold Kendra into a lethal fighter, her mother has instituted four rules to keep her safe.

Trust no one. Relationships are weaknesses. Emotional attachments are dangerous. Be responsible only for yourself.

But when Kendra witnesses a classmate in trouble, she intervenes and her decision to break the rules comes at a price.

Sometimes, humans could be more dangerous than demons.

Ondine is a short prequel novella for the young adult urban / paranormal fantasy series, the Ondine Quartet.

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**Please note: I’m waiting for Amazon to price match other retailers so it’s currently listed there at $0.99. It’s free everywhere else.**

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You can also directly download the novella here:

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OndineBlitzBannerThe Ondine Book Blitz is also starting today and runs until the 24th.

Thank you to Giselle from Xpresso for handling all the details and to all the amazing bloggers below for participating! Each blog will post between now and the 24th and will host a giveaway for the Ondine Quartet Collection: Volume 1 box set plus signed swag.

If you’re new to the series, there are many opportunities to enter and win. Please check out their sites – you can page through or filter/sort/search the table below.

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Ondine Release GiveawayTo celebrate the release of Ondine, I have a big giveaway for you! 🙂

One randomly selected winner will receive:

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  • Signed swag pack: Ondine Quartet bookmarks, stickers, character cards, and quote cards
  • Ondine Quartet merchandise: Ondine poster, Tristan quote and Elite buttons, Ondine Quartet series mug, Haverleau and Sondaleur stickers
  • One signed paperback (Winner’s choice) of any book in the Ondine Quartet series

To enter, just fill out the rafflecopter below.

Giveaway ends: January 1, 2014 and is open internationally. Good luck!

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Ondine Excerpt

It’s December and Ondine‘s release is just around the corner. If you haven’t signed up for the release blitz yet, you can still do so here. If you’re a reader/reviewer, you can also sign up to receive eARCs three days early here. The blogs participating in the book blitz will each be running giveaways and I also plan to do a big one here once Ondine is released. 🙂

Revisiting Kendra’s life prior to Haverleau and her journey as sondaleur has been interesting and challenging. In Ondine, Kendra is paired with a character I enjoyed writing. Rui Vergara only appears in this prequel – as you know, he hasn’t been in any of the other works in the series and he won’t be in Breaker.

Rui is the only human we really see Kendra spending time with and exploring the dynamic between them has been so much fun. And before you ask, nothing romantic happens between them. They’re not friends, either. But they’re both flawed in complementary ways and I loved writing about one of Kendra’s adventures before she meets up with the rest of the gang at Haverleau.

I don’t create characters from images and I always have a strong picture of what a character looks like in my head as I write.

So I searched for someone who looks like Rui and came across this guy:


Meet Hideo Muraoka, a half-Japanese/half-Brazilian model. Yeah, I know. 🙂

I have an excerpt for you today. Enjoy!


He tensed. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying I want in.” I settled on the corner of the desk and levelly met his look of disbelief. “I want you to take me to his place so —“


“I can do this.”

Rui stood and walked back to the car.

“You don’t know what I can—“

“I don’t care what you think you can do.” He whipped around to face me, his expression hard. “You don’t know jack shit about my —“

“I know what he does,” I said quietly. “I know what he did to you. To your broth—“

In one fluid movement, he swept me off the desk and shoved me against the wall. Two hundred pounds of muscle locked me into place and confirmed Troy’s story.

Rui’s actions revealed a high degree of training, a controlled, physical strength I’d initially suspected in the school courtyard.

An icy shiver shot down my spine. If we were thrown into a ring together, he really might give me a run for my money.

Muscled forearm pressed against my neck, effectively pinning me against the wall.

“Rui,” I said through my teeth. “I can stop him.”

The smart thing to do was walk away and let him, his father, and Troy sort out this mess. Sure, Troy would get screwed, but that wasn’t my problem.

Except my conscience wouldn’t stop prickling. I couldn’t let it go.

Maybe because Troy reminded me of past regrets and this was an opportunity to change the outcome. Maybe because the white-hot anger in Rui was a festering wound that felt all too familiar.

Hell, maybe I just wanted to prove to my mother I could do this.

I could stop one human male.

Rui’s voice dropped to a whisper. “You don’t know shit.”

Cold eyes bored into me, hard and demanding. Magic bubbled through my veins. Beneath the anger, Empath sensed determination and worry. It was almost as if he was willing me to understand…

My gaze flickered up. Harsh light illuminated the ugly industrial walls of the garage, bouncing off metal and steel. Something winked in the corner.

Lens reflection meant surveillance. The entire place was probably bugged.

I blinked once. Slowly.

Rui studied me for a moment longer before the grinding pressure against my windpipe eased. I coughed, lungs desperately sucking in air.

Without another word, he exited the garage and I followed. Flickering yellow streetlights cast sickly triangular patches across the asphalt. Night air closed in, thick and humid. The relentless drone of the highway overpass grew louder and more insistent as we neared the main street.

“I’ve seen you,” he finally said. “At Rave.”

The club was only a few blocks away. “Yeah.”

“You like working the floor.” I felt the weight of his glance through the shadowy gloom. “But you don’t buy.”

“Not my thing.”

“You sound offended.”

I shrugged. “Needing something makes you weak.”

“Sometimes what we need is good for us. Sometimes it’s not. But we all got something we’re addicted to, girl.” He laughed, a harsh rumble of bitter amusement. “You’re just addicted to physical release.”

The scrutiny made me uncomfortable. “So what’s your addiction?”

“Belief.” He pulled out a pack of cigarettes. “You working with the cops?”

“Not exactly.”

Empath swept through him, attempting to make sense of the puzzle that was Rui Vergara. He wasn’t lying or concealing who he was. The pain was there, hot and unstable. A thread of something wistful, too. Sadness? Maybe regret.

But there was also a razor-sharp, barely controlled fury that came from being kicked down one too many times.

Who was it directed toward? His father? Troy? And how quickly could it shift to me?

The lighter’s flare briefly highlighted the solemnity etched into his olive skin. He seemed far older than his age.

“No, you’re not a rat.” He took a long drag and tilted his head. Wariness heightened at the shrewd look in his eyes. “Just another person who has something to hide.”

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The Ondine Quartet coffee mug I use daily. :)

The Ondine Quartet coffee mug I use daily. :)

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