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A note: I’ve tried to keep teasers as spoiler-free as possible, but some things may inevitably slip through. If you absolutely don’t want to know anything before heading into the book, your best bet is to avoid these teasers. You can simply scroll down to enter the giveaway below.



Breaker_500Releases January 28, 2015

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I move closer, rest my shoulder against the soft, reassuring heat of his body. “Why did they call you the Silver Sun?”


Night retreats and dawn emerges. Indigo blends with pink and orange into a painting more majestic than anything mortals could ever produce with their own hands.

“So beautiful,” I murmur.

“It is terrible.”


“Because the night must say goodbye for the morning to say hello.”

Dawn strengthens, claiming the world with each passing second.

“The moon and sun shall never share the sky together.” Valeil ruffles his wings. “Without them, no day would pass. Despite their importance, both remain servants of time, cursed to an eternity alone. And so they continue to wait for the other. Every dawn and dusk they have a moment of companionship within infinite moments of solitude.”

Just before the last faint glow of moonlight dissolves, dawn’s pink rays reach for the ivory beams.

They tangle in an intimate embrace, a tender kiss between lovers, in a strip of sky that holds yearnings both perfect and impossible.

“I bind the past to the present and future. I am that moment when silver moonlight meets the bright arms of the sun. I am Valeil.”

His words reverberate with the ache of enduring loneliness.


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